Build up-to-date Typescript bindings for Angular 2 developer preview

July 12, 2015

Angular 2 is in Developer preview, and it’s a fun framework to play with. Since I’m using Typescript, I need up-to-date Typescript bindings.

At the time of writing, the typescript bindings published for the Angular 2 alpha builds is sometimes lagging behind.

So I’m building them myself.

Check out the Angular2 repository

git clone; cd angular

Switch to the tag of the alpha you want to generate typings from. I’m using 2.0.0-alpha.30 at the time of writing.

git checkout 2.0.0-alpha.30

Install the necessary dependencies:

npm install

Angular 2 typings are built using dgeni, which you can trigger by running the corresponding gulp task:

gulp docs/typings

You can find the generated typings for angular2 and router in ./dist/docs/typings/angular2.

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